Ballet Pumps for Beginners

This workshop is Introductory Level and designed to give people a basic overview and fun experience making shoes.

Ballet Pumps are an all year round wardrobe staple. In this one day shoe making course you will learn how to make a pair of pumps from start to finish. We have 2 patterns to choose from, and a variety of colours and embellishments.

Come away not just with a pair of ballet pumps which you have made yourself, but with valuable insight on the process of shoe making to aid you in the future.
Its a unique experience to be tried at least once.
Gift vouchers for this shoe making workshop are also available.

- Introduction and brief background of Boheme and Luli Pulani
- The explanation of what a last is, demonstration of taping up a last to create a forme, Standard W and finally a pump/court shoe pattern.
- Selection and cutting out of pattern pieces, backing and gluing uppers to linings. (Briefing on  leathers and materials)
- The stitching process (Briefing on machines and thread)
- Covering of insoles. (Briefing on insole boards)
- The lasting process (Briefing on the tools, machinery and skills)
- Attaching the soles (Briefing on types of soles and glues)

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