2014 Workshop Schedule


Social Media and Blogging: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
This three hour session will cover the importance of key messages for media and social media usage around Design Indaba EXPO. Designers will be assisted to develop their key messages for this purpose as well as receive coaching on the best way to communicate these. The last hour will be spent on a quick social media overview, specifically how to utilise the social media channels most effectively to support their Design Indaba investment, as well as how to utilise their key messages in social media.

Retail Readiness: Get Retail Ready

- Effective Business Communication
- Branding
- Pricing
- Wholesale/retail

Retail Management
This workshop will allow attendees to develop knowledge of retail management issues and to describe and analyse the way retailing works. It will outline effective methods and strategies required for retail management, how to utilise resources and techniques in retail management and look at store location, merchandising, products and pricing.


Project Planning: Master Plan
This workshop will assist the attendees by providing the necessary knowledge and tools to successfully plan and manage a project. Topics discussed will include project scope, major milestones, task list associated with each milestone, team analysis and individual responsibilities, risks involved with the project, strategies to be put in place and successful communication plans.

Trade Fairs: Bread and Butter, Pure and Magic
To provide CTFC members with a better understanding of the purpose of local and international trade fairs. It will focus on marketing material and information that the participant will need to consider to allow for successful participation and negotiations. Emphasis will be placed on integrating export costing, minimum quantities, and incoterms into a price offering to potential buyers at the trade show or exhibition.

Export Readiness: Going Global
Designers interested in export will learn the mechanism of an International process and how to integrate this process into their specific product and market requirements. Topics covered will include the successful export process flow, International marketing, exchange control, methods of payment, logistics, incoterms and marine insurance.


Design Thinking: Map your Mind
This workshop allows designers to be stimulated in terms of the extent of design innovation. Designers will look at what design thinking is and unpack the design thinking process.

Range Planning: Colour by Numbers
To equip aspiring/emerging designers with the necessary knowledge/skill regarding the practical application/planning of putting a commercial range together. Visual merchandising and its role in retail will be discussed. Attendees will learn about the Retail Cycle, the 5 major areas of marketing (VM being one of them), the communication journey and its effect on visual merchandising and the role of visual merchandising.

Business Management and Professional Practice
This workshop will focus on the development of Business Plans, Ethical Business Practice and Business Administration. Policies and Procedures, Documents, Filing, Recordkeeping and management controls will be looked at for Purchasing and Suppliers, Sales and Customers, Stock Management, Cash Management, and Staff Management.  Attendees will learn how to convey a professional image and how to always conduct business in a professional manner.

Online Retail and Webpages: Take your Brand Online
Online Retailers such as Zando and Spree will talk to the designers about Online Retail.
Webpages will be discussed and what designers can do to make their webpages add more value to their business.


Upcycle: Green is the new Black

Zero-Waste Techniques
Working with natural fibres and materials with recycled content
Marketing an Eco brand

Production Engineering: Production Simplicity
This workshop will focus on the production process, production challenges and costing issues.

Business Sales: Let’s get branded

Branding Workshop:
This workshop aims to build insight into the scope, opportunities and basic principles of branding within the context of the fashion/creative economy.

Marketing for the Small Business:
This workshop gives attendees a holistic overview of the entire marketing facet of a small business. Identification of the marketing mix will be looked at and how it can be applied to business. Attendees will learn how to convey a professional image and specific target markets for the designers attending will be addressed. Relevant and cost effective tactics which companies can use to capitalize on profitability will also be discussed. This workshop is interactive with real life examples discussed.

Identifying your Target Market
Designers will be assisted in thinking actively about who their specific target market is in order to increase their business by putting adequate marketing plans in place to reach their specific customer.

Communication and Presentation:
This workshop will focus on candidates understanding the importance of standardising their presentations in order to meet professional standards i.e. what presentations should include when approaching retailers, wholesalers, buyers etc.

How to network effectively
Networking tools and advice will be taught in order for designers to leverage and nurture networks they already have and to establish new ones.


Backstage: All Access
Show producers will explain the processes involved in show producing and what the designers need to know and do in order to have effective and successful fashion shows which will add value to their brands.

Financial Management and Banking Houses: Money Talks
This workshop introduces attendees to Quickbooks Accounting Package and financial reports (management reports), as well as to Financial Management Tools for managing business and analysis and interpretation of financial statements. (Basic Costing Terms, Understanding Income Statements, Gross Profit, Mark-up and % of Turnover, Introduction to Balance Sheets, Working Capital and how to increase it, Book Value, Net Asset Value and Basic Ratios). This workshop is ideal for students entering into their own business.

Banking Houses will speak to the designers about specific aspects of banking and how to ensure that they are utilizing the services offered in the most effective way. Knowledge of how to make your money work for you in the most beneficial way.

Funding Workshop: The Fashion Fund



- How to write a funding proposal


Jumpstart your Career and Portfolios
Students will be informed on how to construct their CVs and cover letters in order for them to be prepared for job applications. The interview process will be explained and the students will be taught how to be prepared and how to deal with anxiety. Competency based interview questions will be practiced and how to put together a portfolio will be addressed.

Careers in Fashion: Your Dream Job
This workshop will be an informative sharing day where industry experts from six different fields of industry will shed light on what they do and how one can get into that field. Students will learn what is available to them career wise and the specifics of the business world.

Trend Forecasting “How To”: Fashion Foresight
Designers will learn the key elements to forecasting fashion trends and the process of forecasting trends. Target markets will be addressed and other important aspects which need to be considered when doing a trend forecast.

Fabric Sourcing and Textiles: Cutting your Cloth
Fabric sourcing experts will talk to the designers about where they source their fabrics and what questions designers should ask before sourcing fabric from a supplier. Different textiles will be explored and specific aspects pertaining to different textiles discussed.


Business Simulation: Best Game
This workshop instils a deeper understanding of how business works. Attendees will gain a general understanding on how to start a business and the knowledge and skills to conduct business.

Business and Tax Compliancy: Death and taxes
Designers will learn about the different forms of businesses and taxes, tax planning and requirements for a tax clearance certificate. Businesses administration processes will be explained, as well as brand protection (how to register your brand and why this is important). Designers who are needing help with registering their businesses will be assisted by the accountant and a tax clearance certificate will be applied for on their behalf.

Production Planning: Assembling your Line
Production administration and operational tasks will be addressed, as well as production targets and timelines. Effective communication at all levels on status and production will be discussed in order to aid designers in preventing or flagging any delays or issues immediately.


Grading made Easy
Tips and trick for how to make grading easier.

Fabric Finishes: Finishing Touch

Laser Cutting
Stone Washing
Textile Finishes
Natural Dye Workshop

Creative Pattern Making
This creative workshop will allow designers to play with an innovative 3D development process in pattern making. New design ideas will be explored and problem solving in creative pattern making will be addressed.


Surface Design

Silk Screen printing
Fabric Dyeing