Adriaan Kuiters

Label: Adriaan Kuiters
Designer: Adriaan Kuiters

About: Adriaan Kuiters is a menswear label offering beautifully tailored, locally produced pieces with classic lines in a muted palette that exude a timeless style that reminds us of a more elegant age.

Adriaan Kuiters draws its stylistic inspiration from the elegance of the golden age of travel, with each beautifully tailored piece steeped in the timeless style of an era when natural, high quality materials were de rigueur. From the casual elegance of 50s Ipanema Beach to the powerfully functional lines of the 1930s Orient Express, the clothing expresses understated style and painstaking craftsmanship in every detail. Wearability is paramount and the lines of each piece are designed with this in mind.

Women / Men’s: Men’s

MBFWCT13 collection: Adriaan Kuiters Spring/ Summer collection was a union of strong silhouettes, minimal details and oversized proportions combined with textural prints. The collection was conceived and made in collaboration with emerging young artist Jody Paulsen.

Fuelled by the debut of womenswear, the collection touched on gender roles by creating garments that juxtaposed the rigidity and simplicity of classic menswear with lighter fabrics traditionally associated with womenswear. The inspiration for the collection was found in the practicality of basic sportswear where the use of neutral colour heightened a focus on layering, shape and proportion. Exaggerated unisex silhouettes of silk and jersey were contrasted by stiffer fabrics such as linen, twill and leather that created structured looks. These architectural pieces were intended to be weightless and volumous, permitting space between the body and garment. The spirit of this collection promoted effortlessness, optimism and pride in individuality.

The prints used in this collection included artful plays on fur, textural graphite drawings, squeegee paintings and analogue photography. These prints were inspired by fine art traditions motivated by the use of IZIKO South African National Gallery as a venue for the collection showing.