Fab Fashionista – Alma van den Berg

1. What personal fashion memory / item would you delete if you could?
Back in the early 90′s( I was in primary school), I loved wearing bulky printed t-shirts , paired with monochrome black and white striped leggings. Sjoe, glad it’s just a memory!

2. What made you go into fashion?
Since I was young, my mother made us the best Barbie and Ken clothes and accessories. She was the first to write pattern books on how to make your own Barbie doll clothes. So we got involved in all the aspects of making these little hand-made pieces. I loved working alongside my mom, choosing fabrics and pinning it to my dolls, as I wasn’t allowed to use the sewing machines at that young age. Her encouragement, positivity and excitement to make any idea I had a reality on my doll, encouraged me to become a designer.

3. Best part of your job?
I love being able to create beautiful things from start to finish and being flexible, as my own boss. I am a very strict boss though, working long hours and weekends. Yet being my own boss definitely allows me to use my time more effectively and spend more time with my family.

4. What has been your strangest source of inspiration?
I don’t think any form of inspiration is strange. Whatever got your attention at a certain moment in your life is important and can be used for inspiration.

5. Your classic winter item?
Must be my Diesel leather boots my sister gave me about 6 years ago, best gift ever. They last season after season!

6. If your life had a slogan, it would say …
Love and believe in yourself (because confidence goes a long way!) And don’t let excuses come in your way.

7. Dream destination?
We are planning a trip to the East (Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand for the end of the year) but I have an endless list of places and festivals I still want to visit.

8. Advice to new designers?
Don’t make excuses, celebrate all the small goals you reach, work hard x 200, don’t expect a salary for a while, have a dream and set monthly and annual goals for yourself. Word of mouth is your best form of marketing, ask for advice, stay grounded, have a lot of patience and be kind to everyone around you.