Goodbye Malaria - Save a life in your sleep

Today is World Malaria Day.  90 percent of all Malaria deaths occur in Africa and the disease causes 600,000 to 1 million deaths a year. Figures like that might make you wonder what you can do to help.  A group of African entrepreneurs have made saving a life so easy, you can do it in your sleep. The Goodbye Malaria campaign’s aim is to help put an end to Malaria in Africa, by raising funds that aid the Global Fund in doing so.

Goodbye Malaria does this with a range of unisex pyjama pants made from ShweShwe. These versatile pyjama pants double as ready-to-wear garments and can be easily transformed to an outfit acceptable out from under the covers.

The CTFC collaborated with Goodbye Malaria at Design Indaba by co-ordinating/producing a fashion show where Goodbye Malaria provided their Shweshwe pants and 10/9 CTFC designers styled a look from their own label, resulting in some diverse and stylish looks. See pics.

Other Goodbye Malaria products are the handmade Mashozi Bear by local producers, and Goodbye Malaria bracelets, made by a non-profit company called Relate. Other than its aid toward eliminating Malaria, these products also create jobs and other life-changing opportunities.

When buying a Goodbye Malaria product 50% of the proceeds go on to help save lives from Malaria. So it’s a chance to be a hero without even having to get out of bed.