Hi friends of the CTFC,

All the best for 2012 and cheers to a fantastic year ahead, hopefully the resolutions you made are not already looking “so last season”.

Even before we had time to download our holiday pics from our cameras, the first big fashion event on the 2012 Cape Town fashion calendar is already run its race. The J&B Met, with the theme “Made Different” undoubtedly set the tone for the year ahead and encourages the diversity in design we experience in SA. I hope the final dash to the finish line, displayed your individuality and difference.

We are also pleased to inform you about the long awaited launch of the SA National Fashion Council in February this year. I am confidant that the SANFC will make a positive impact in developing the sector, locally, nationally and internationally. We have included a synopsis of the business plan and the elected board members in this newsletter.

Our strategic 1st quarter project, Design Indaba is also gaining momentum. We are privileged to include Aidan Bennett (Aidan Bennetts Design/Top Billing) as a part of our design team for our retail space at DI12. Check out our upcoming posts regarding the project, however, you will have to visit the CTFC stand at DI12 for a full creative experience.

With the 2014 World Design Capital City successfully achieved, the design forum meets in February to plan the way forward. We will keep you posted on the developments and will appreciate your input and suggestions.

We posted our new board for the 2011/2012 financial year. Our first full board meeting convened in December, resulting in the revision of our subcommittees, which will additionally develop the current CTFC programmes. The new sub-committee composition will be posted online for your update.

Finally, my BIG appeal to you- please diarize our workshop/seminar schedule for the 1st quarter – available on our website.

There are also new projects that we are still planning for 2012; we will post requests online for your applications.

The CTFC has decided to include our quarterly narrative to be posted online so that you can follow our outputs.

As always, we encourage your suggestions to us, so that we can collaboratively grow the fashion sector.

Chat soon,


PS, the 2012 Mayan calendar is not factored into our planning.