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Registered as an industry association in 2006, the Cape Town Fashion Council (CTFC)’s purpose is to represent, develop, support and grow the Western Cape fashion sector. The CTFC’s vision is for the Western Cape’s fashion design sector to be nationally and globally recognised and desired for its uniqueness and excellence. The Council represents over 900 members including local fashion brands and industry stakeholders within the Clothing and Textiles value chain. The strategic goals of the CTFC are to provide initiatives that develop and support the fashion industry in the Western Cape as well as ensuring that local fashion designers access, maintain and grow their market share.

Key Programmes of the CTFC include a Fashion Industry Development Programme/to Facilitate and Provide Relevant Industry Information and Research/Facilitating Linkages with Key Industry Stakeholders to Invest in Emerging Talent/ Networking and Marketing to Increase Industry Visibility/Advocacy and policy evaluation and development.

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